[Gc] 7.3alpha3 not finishing test on MingW with c++ options

Joshua Scholar JoshuaScholar at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 11:08:29 PST 2012

I compiled 7.3alpha on MinGW.  I used ivmai's advice and ran ./autogen.sh on 
Linux and copied it back instead of running "autoreconf -vif" on windows.

A plain compile passed all tests.

But I just recompiled by doing
./configure --prefix=/MinGW --enable-cplusplus --enable-threads=win32 
--enable-static --enable-shared
make clean
make check

But the check never finishes.  After passing chordtest, gctest and leaktest 
it hangs in middletest

I'm gonna post my email address for anyone to give me advice here...

JoshuaScholar (at) gmail etc.


By the way the gmane post gave me an error of:
 "You have lines longer than 80 characters. Fix that."
excuse me for the line breaks I'm gonna put in the middle of things.

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