Re[2]: [Gc] Minor autoconf problem (FYI)

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed Apr 3 02:04:52 PST 2013

 Hi Manuel,

Pushed to master (both bdwgc and libatomic_ops).

Note that you could fork the branch and push the commits to your copy of the repository informing me about the commit, then I could merge your branch.


Tue,  2 Apr 2013, 14:00 +02:00 from Manuel.Serrano at
>Dear Ivan,
>> Could you please provide a patch (both for bdwgc master and
>> libatomic_ops master) or, better, put the corresponding commit to cloned
>> repository on github? Sorry for asking you to do it for such a small
>> change but it will speed up patches processing at my side.
>Here is the patch (apparently, I'm not allowed to push a git commit).

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