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 Hi Manuel,

Fri,  5 Apr 2013, 7:47 +02:00 from Manuel.Serrano at
>Hi Ivan,
>> Yes, e.g. Nexus 7 has 4 cores, so 3 additional threads are started for
>> garbage collection. You could compile with -DGC_ANDROID_LOG to instruct
>> GC to redirect output to Android log and compare figures reported in
>> "World-stopped marking took..." with and without -DPARALLEL_MARK.
>Thanks for your time and your explanations. One additional question: what about
>compiling the GC with -DPARALLEL_MARK but running it on a single processor?
>Does this degrades the performance (on Android, you don't know in advance what
>will be the hardware specifications of the machine the apk will be installed)?
All PARALLEL_MARK-specific code is executed only if GC_parallel, the letter is set to false if only single core available.
BTW. On some devices (e.g., Galaxy S3), if the screen is off then only 1 core is active but GC is still executed in 4 threads (as 4 cores physically present). This should be improved. 


>Thanks again.
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