[Gc] [win32] Isn't this a race condition?

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 17:58:56 PDT 2013

    Hi list,

  In the (admittedly somewhat old) version of boehm-gc in the GCC source tree,
I see the following failure from thread_leak_test about 50% of the time (out
of 200 testruns):

> $ ./.libs/thread_leak_test.exe
> SuspendThread failed
> Aborted (core dumped)

  It's coming from GC_suspend in win32_threads.c, relevant snippets shown below:

/* Suspend the given thread, if it's still active.      */
STATIC void GC_suspend(GC_thread t)
    [ ... snip ... ]
    DWORD exitCode;
    [ ... snip ... ]
    if (GetExitCodeThread(t -> handle, &exitCode) &&
        exitCode != STILL_ACTIVE) {
#     ifdef GC_PTHREADS
        t -> stack_base = 0; /* prevent stack from being pushed */
#     else
        /* this breaks pthread_join on Cygwin, which is guaranteed to  */
        /* only see user pthreads                                      */
#     endif
    [ ... snip ... ]
# else /* !MSWINCE */
    if (SuspendThread(t -> handle) == (DWORD)-1)
      ABORT("SuspendThread failed");
# endif /* !MSWINCE */
  t -> suspended = (unsigned char)TRUE;
    [ ... snip ... ]

  Judging by reading the code, it seemed likely to me that there was a race
condition where a thread could still be active at the time GetExitCodeThread
was called, but then have exited by the time SuspendThread was called,
resulting in that call failing.  I modified that clause to read:

	if (SuspendThread(thread_table[i].handle) == (DWORD)-1) {
	  if (GetExitCodeThread(thread_table[i].handle,&exitCode) &&
            exitCode != STILL_ACTIVE) {
	    ABORT("Race condition");
	  ABORT("SuspendThread failed");

i.e., it now checks again if the thread has exited when SuspendThread fails,
and now I occasionally see the "Race condition" message - although not often
(about 5% of tests); most often it still just shows the "SuspendThread failed"
message.  I suspect (but cannot prove) that during the thread shutdown code in
the windows kernel, there is a stage at which it stops being suspendable
before the final exit code is stored.

  In the HEAD version of bdwgc, analogous code still exists in
win32_threads.c/GC_suspend(), but I don't see it fail (in 200 tests).

  Does anyone know why it's no longer a problem?  I note that an awful lot has
changed in the rest of the test infrastructure, perhaps there's some more
locking somewhere (parallel marking?) that prevents the problem from arising.


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