Re[2]: [Gc] memory fault with incremental collection (#25)

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Thu Aug 22 02:46:49 PDT 2013

 Hi David,

Please use BDWGC mailing list for the discussion (gc at Please also keep history in the mail otherwise it's hard to follow what your "2. Yes" means.

> Sorry but where do I find the gc7.3alpha3 snapshot? Can't see any tag in git or mention in logs, nor find on gc homepage... What is the git hash?

Just use latest commit from master branch (e.g.,  4872305d33) .

Thu, 22 Aug 2013, 0:02 -07:00 from David Terei <notifications at>:
>*  Trying now.
>*  Yes.
>*  x64 - Xeon E5620, Arch Linux.
>You can see the changes I made to memcached to integrate the GC  here . I believe I'm doing everything correct but perhaps not.
I've glanced your changes:
1. I think you need to call GC_INIT.
2. Have you verified that all pthread_create calls are intercepted by GC?
3. Just performance concern: Why not to use GC_MALLOC_ATOMIC for buffers?

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