[Gc] Re: [bdwgc] memory fault with incremental collection (#25)

David Terei davidterei at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 11:29:18 PDT 2013

On 22 August 2013 02:46, Ivan Maidanski <notifications at github.com> wrote:
> Hi David,
> Please use BDWGC mailing list for the discussion (gc at linux.hpl.hp.com). Please also keep history in the mail otherwise it's hard to follow what your "2. Yes" means.


> > Sorry but where do I find the gc7.3alpha3 snapshot? Can't see any tag in git or mention in logs, nor find on gc homepage... What is the git hash?
> Just use latest commit from master branch (e.g., 4872305d33) .

OK, tried this, still same error.

> Thu, 22 Aug 2013, 0:02 -07:00 from David Terei <notifications at github.com>:
> >* Trying now.
> >* Yes.
> >* x64 - Xeon E5620, Arch Linux.
> >You can see the changes I made to memcached to integrate the GC here . I believe I'm doing everything correct but perhaps not.
> I've glanced your changes:
> 1. I think you need to call GC_INIT.

Already calling GC_INIT, see here:

> 2. Have you verified that all pthread_create calls are intercepted by GC?

I just went and changed all `pthread_create` calls to
`GC_pthread_create` calls and still got the same issue. I've actually
been running memcached with just 1 thread so as to remove that
complexity and I still get the bug.

> 3. Just performance concern: Why not to use GC_MALLOC_ATOMIC for buffers?

Sure, I'm just trying to get something stable first, plan to try
allocation hints after that.

> >—
> >Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub .
> Regards,
> Ivan
>> Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.

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