Re[2]: [Gc]: FreeBSD Itanium: gc-7.1 build failure...

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Sun Aug 25 01:15:28 PDT 2013

 Hi Vitaly,

I've applied yet more changes:
* fix old_segv/bus_act variables initialization:
* towards better portability of GC_RETURN_ADDR_PARENT/GC_ADD_CALLER:

GC_ADD_CALLER is used in case of absence of GC_CAN_SAVE_CALL_STACKS. The latter macro is defined on Linux but not on FreeBSD, and GC_RETURN_ADDR_PARENT and GC_caller_func_offset are used (as the only alternative to missing support of GC_CAN_SAVE_CALL_STACKS) to record the caller of GC_debug_malloc/realloc_replacement. Unfortunately, __builtin_return_address(1) is not supported on all H/W (e.g., ARM or MIPS), so I currently enabled it for x86/x64.

The branch ( ) is ready to be merged to gc7_2d and to master (excluding changes to and doc/ that are not present in  devel/ boehm - gc -threaded ). Please test it before I merge it.

Thank you


Sun, 21 Jul 2013, 21:39 +03:00 from Vitaly Magerya <vmagerya at>:
>> I've imported FreeBSD ports patches and your patch (upgrading to 7.2d) into BDWGC repository:
>> And applied a couple of fixes:
>> (these are: GC_caller_func -> GC_caller_func_offset, RA -> GC_DBG_RA, missed GC_caller_func_offset call from GC_debug_realloc).
>Is that part of the patches (related to GC_RETURN_ADDR_PARENT and
>GC_ADD_CALLER) something you're willing to merge into master? I actually
>proposed to drop them from the ports tree to reduce divergence from the
>upstream (also because I don't actually understand the need for them),
>but if you're willing to merge them, that would be great as well.
>> I think later I'll manage to merge most of FreeBSD ports patches into BDWGC master.
>That is appreciated, thanks.
>> References:
>> * Imported freebsd-ports/devel/boehm-gc/files patches:
>> * Tag for gc-7.1 plus imported freebsd-ports patches:
>> * Imported applied to freebsd-ports patches:
>Right, looks good.
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