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Sun Dec 8 00:24:47 PST 2013

 Hi Manuel,

Wed,  4 Dec 2013, 10:01 +01:00 from Manuel.Serrano at
>Hi Manuel,
>> 1. please check you NDK, it should have link.h file.
>I do have some link.h:
>% find android-ndk-r8e -name link.h
>but without me knowing why my GCC wrapper does not find any of them. It
>could be that the GCC wrapper I used is missing some directories. Just do be
>sure that we are understanding each other, please find attached this
>wrapper. I have been using since I have started developing on Android:
Your script contains the right included folder: -I#{droid_root}/bionic/libc/include
Please check whether droid_root points to the right root folder.

>If you have something else to suggest, I will be glad to test.
>> 2. dynamic register is not working on Android (looks like the condition
>> "tag == DT_DEBUG" is never satisfied on bionic), so you just skip the
>> code by -D IGNORE_DYNAMIC_LOADING. I use a workaround (works only on ARM
>I'm not sure to fully understand what you mean here. Should I use the 
>-DIGNORE_DYNAMIC_LOADING C compilation option in order to disable dynamic
>loading? Is that what you are proposing.

>> platform) - insert GC_INIT() call into initialization code of each
>> dynamically loaded library.
>Ah. I will try that (I'm not sure I will find the time to test it this morning). 
>Calling GC_INIT() many time is harmless, right? yes.


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