[Gc] libgc 7.4 symbols

Christoph Egger christoph at debian.org
Mon Dec 23 06:20:44 PST 2013


Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at mail.ru> writes:
> Most of the listed internal symbols have been removed (replaced). More
> internal symbols could be dropped in future GC releases (7.6+).
> If someone considers that some of the existing (or dropped) internal
> symbols should be public - let us know.

In this context: I'm also seeing a lot of new symbols showing up. I
guess they're also supposed to be internal, right? Or has there been
some interfaces added intentionally for 7.4?



> GC_atfork_child at Base 
> GC_atfork_parent at Base 
> GC_atfork_prepare at Base 
> GC_compute_large_free_bytes at Base 
> GC_compute_root_size at Base 
> GC_core_finalized_malloc at Base 
> GC_default_on_abort at Base 
> GC_disclaim_and_reclaim at Base 
> GC_disclaim_and_reclaim_or_free_small_block at Base 
> GC_dl_hashtbl at Base 
> GC_dump_finalization_links at Base 
> GC_finalized_disclaim at Base 
> GC_finalized_kind at Base 
> GC_finalized_malloc at Base 
> GC_finalized_objfreelist at Base 
> GC_fo_head at Base 
> GC_get_abort_func at Base 
> GC_get_nprocs at Base 1:7.2d
> GC_get_on_heap_resize at Base 
> GC_get_prof_stats at Base 
> GC_get_prof_stats_unsafe at Base 
> GC_get_push_other_roots at Base 
> GC_get_thr_restart_signal at Base 
> GC_init_finalized_malloc at Base 
> GC_is_heap_ptr at Base 
> GC_ll_hashtbl at Base 
> GC_max_heapsize at Base 
> GC_move_disappearing_link at Base 
> GC_move_disappearing_link_inner at Base 
> GC_move_long_link at Base 
> GC_non_gc_bytes_at_gc at Base 
> GC_noop6 at Base 
> GC_old_ll_entries at Base 
> GC_on_abort at Base 
> GC_on_heap_resize at Base 
> GC_push_unconditionally at Base 
> GC_reclaim_unconditionally_marked at Base 
> GC_reclaimed_bytes_before_gc at Base 
> GC_register_disappearing_link_inner at Base 
> GC_register_disclaim_proc at Base 
> GC_register_long_link at Base 
> GC_remove_from_fl_at at Base 
> GC_set_abort_func at Base 
> GC_set_on_heap_resize at Base 
> GC_set_push_other_roots at Base 
> GC_set_suspend_signal at Base 
> GC_set_thr_restart_signal at Base 
> GC_sig_suspend at Base 
> GC_sig_thr_restart at Base 
> GC_start_debugging_inner at Base 
> GC_start_mark_threads at Base 
> GC_thread_is_registered at Base 
> GC_unregister_long_link at Base 

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