[Gc] Re: libatomic_ops aarch64 support

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Sat Feb 9 12:14:39 PST 2013

 Hi Yvan,

I've updated the files in add-aarch64-support branch - please retest it.
Also I'd like to know asm generated for AO_nop_* primitives (I've changed __sync_synchronize to __atomic_thread_fence) and AO_double_* primitives.

Please rewrite CAS primitives (for AO_t and AO_double_t, relaxed and acquire/release/full variants) using __atomic_compare_exchange_n.

Q: Which compiler version do you use?

In case you have more free time (and wish to check some other targets), it would be good to check whether it is ok to use gcc/generic.h (starting from some GCC version) instead of asm-based primitives in gcc/*.h (by eye-inspection of asm code generated for the target comparing it to the instructions written in gcc/*.h files).

Thank you. Sorry for a delay with the answer.


Fri,  8 Feb 2013, 16:53 +01:00 from Yvan Roux <yvan.roux at linaro.org>:
>Hi Ivan,
>Do you need more inputs regarding the aarch64 support, I didn't had
>time to work on this topic during the past weeks, but as I have a slot
>dedicated to that during the coming one, it would be great if you tell
>me what I can do.

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