[Gc] [Patch 0/2] Aarch64 libatomic_ops and Gc basic port

Yvan Roux yvan.roux at linaro.org
Wed Jan 23 09:50:52 PST 2013


the next two emails contain a basic port of the libatomic_ops and the
Boehm Gc to the Aarch64 architecture. As Aarch64 is a completely
different architecture than the now old 32-bit ARM one (and as it is
the way it was done both in GCC and the Linux kernel), the support is
added as a new architecture.

The libatomic_ops is implemented with the __atomic_* GCC builtins, as
GCC (FSF or LInaro) is the only compiler which is targeting this

The Gc support is only done for Linux and the bare machine mode (but
it has only be tested under Linux).

Both implementation were tested on the Foundation Model (notice that
the libpthread has to be added to the LIBS variable for running the Gc
make check, and that I'm not sure it is an expected behaviour).


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