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Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Tue Jul 2 14:31:45 PDT 2013

Hi Carsten,

Some of documentation is a bit outdated. It is safe to turn thread-local allocation and parallel marker.


Tuesday,  2 July 2013, 13:06 UTC from Carsten Kehler Holst <ckh at>:
> We are using bdw-gc latest version (or very close). Running under windows.
> We are experiencing very bad performance when running with several threads.
> A simple concurrent program actually runs slower (40%) when using more than one thread.
> Reading the documentation and the code it looks as if that is a known problem – cannot use parallel mark or local thread storage.
> We are using the gc in our prolog system and need it to work with dlls and to be able to handle external threads calling our code.
> Our questions are
> Have anyone worked on this and got some solution or progress towards a solution?
> How does it behave on other platforms, is it an inherent problem or could we hope to solve it?
> Regards
> Carsten Kehler Holst
> Visual Prolog Team
> Prolog Development Center A/S
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Иван Майданский

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