Re: [Gc] MacOSX 7 stack addresses.

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Sun Jun 16 01:28:22 PDT 2013

 Hi SM Ryan,

There are 2 ways:
1. Checkout release-7_2 (it should have the same fixes as 7.3 has) - the repository contains "configure" files
2. Install autotools and checkout master branch as described on


Tue, 11 Jun 2013, 3:35 -07:00 from SM Ryan <wyrmwif at>:
>I know the 7.2 doesn't run on 10.7 because the stack addresses changed, and that this was fixed awhile back, but there's nowhere I can find that says 'Here it is, download this tar or directory or whatever, configure; make; make test' and that will take care of everything. I found a git directory sometime back, but it's missing the ./configure and I don't know which I should I use. 
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