[Gc] bogus installed gc_config_macros.h

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Sat Mar 9 11:56:32 PST 2013


I just cross-compiled libgc for mingw32, from a GNU/Linux system.  I
compiled it --enable-threads=pthreads, to rely on pthreads-win32.
However if in Guile I simply #define GC_THREADS and include <gc/gc.h>,
it defaults to auto-detecting the kind of threads based on the current
compiler and other heuristics, instead of using the thread support that
I explicitly selected at compile-time.  In this case it chooses wrong,
choosing win32 threads and not win32 pthreads.

The solution is probable to generate the #define GC_FOO_THREADS.  The
easiest way is probably to just move gc_config_macros.h to
gc_config_macros.h.in, and have AC_OUTPUT_FILES substitute in the
correct choices.



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