[Gc] Questions about GC in a library.

The Devils Jester thedevilsjester at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 11:30:53 PST 2013

I have my code (which uses the GC) encapsulated in a library for modularity

If a user includes my headers, which include, by necessity the GC headers,
then they indirectly include the GC in their program.  Is there a way to
prevent this?  In my library (if it makes any difference) I only use the GC
on classes that inherit from gc or containers that use the gc allocator.

In addition, the documentation on GC says that one should call GC_INIT in
the main thread of the program, it is my goal, however, to not expose the
inner workings of the library (if it uses the GC or not) to the program.
 Is it safe to call this from the library, as long as its called before
anything else?
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