[httperf] httperf v0.8 released

David Mosberger httperf@napali.hpl.hp.com
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 16:05:47 -0800

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There are two major changes with this release:

	- Martin Arlitt contributed support for testing web servers
	  via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).  Please see the README
	  included as part of the httperf distribution for details.

	- To encourage and faciliate the sharing of enhancements to
          httperf, the license has been changed to the GNU General
          Public License.

Apart from these changes, various bug fixes and improvements have been
applied.  In particular, httperf now uses the GNU "autoconf" scheme to
automatically configure httperf for the system it is being built on.
This should make it easier to port httperf to other UNIX-like
platforms.  At present, httperf is known to work on Linux and HP-UX.

The source code is available from:




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