[httperf] Httperf and WebQoS Session Thruput Testing

John Mendonca httperf@napali.hpl.hp.com
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 22:25:30 -0800

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I was real happy to see your message about the version 0.8 of httperf which
includes ssl. I feel that you continued interest in the software will help
ensure its viability.

In the WebQoS lab we've been using httperf extensively for testing session
thruput.   I've run into several problems for which I've hacked minimally
satisfactory solutions.

1) WebQoS uses a browser cookie to keep track of web sessions. Many
applications, particulary those using ".asp" pages also set browser cookies.
Httperf only remembers one cookie per "web session" with --session-cookie,
and this messes up our webqos tests since our qoscookie gets overwriten by
the application or asp cookie.  I've hacked a solution to this problem by
adding the parameter

but httperf still only supports a single cookie per session. Have you or
anyone else implemented a more elegant solution that keeps track of multiple

2) When using webqos in session mode (--wsesslog) one may specify a session
idle timeout (--timeout) and/or a error code (--failure-status) which will
terminate httperf test sessions.  WebQoS uses one error code to terminate a
session, sadly IIS generates another error code when it determines it is
overloaded. The problem is that httperf will only use one error code to
terminate a session. To fix this problem I've added a --fail-on-error
parameter which will end a test session on any http 5xx error code.  I would
like to give this code back to you or have you implement a better

3) any thoughts on a windows 2k implementation.  Yes I realize that it would
be a rewrite to implement winsock overlapped i/o. we've toyed with the

What do you think?  Do you interested in these updates or in implementing
something more elegant.

John Mendonca

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