[httperf] ASCII NUL seperated list

Martin Arlitt httperf@napali.hpl.hp.com
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 6:33:47 PST


> Now I'm just a little concerned about the following output line when
> testing for example at a rate of 10 [1/s] :
> "Reply size [B]: header 243.0 content 5410.0 footer 0.0 (total 5653.0)
> ...
> Net I/O: 56.5 KB/s (0.5*10^6 bps)"
> I'm testing 16 different URIs from that list with an all-together-amount
> of 100KB. 16 * 5653 is aproximately 90 K, and that is approximately 100K
> ;-)
> Is this calculation/assumption correct or have I done something wrong?

to calculate the total amount of HTTP data transfered you should use
5410 rather than 5653 in your calculation.  to help verify that you
are transferring the correct URIs and to see the size of each I would
use the --print-request and --print-reply options (version 0.8 only).
> Moreover, the net I/O should (at a rate of 10 [1/s]) be around 1 MB/s and
> it's not! It's just 10*5653...

I don't understand how you calculate the expected net I/O to be 1
MB/s.  since I don't have your entire httperf output I can't give a
more specific answer, but I believe that you will find Net I/O =


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