[httperf] --wlog wont work

Joerg Beyer job@webde-ag.de
Tue, 09 Dec 2003 16:11:47 +0100

McliffordIE@aol.com wrote:
> Thanks Joerg,
> I had some partial success with your suggestion. I can now read the 
> first entry
> in the wlog file, but still can't read any subsequent entries. It looks 
> like the root of my problem is in terminating each line of the file 
> correctly.
> I'd be interested to hear how anyone else accomplishes this on linux/unix.
> I'm using vi to insert the ascii nul followed by a CR at the end of each 
> line.
> i.e.  vi insert mode:   ctrl-v, ctrl-shift @, ctrl-v, ctrl-M  
> The first line will succeed, but I just get a http 400 error for the 
> next line.

just use "normal lines", terminated by "\n", which is, what
vi uses (on unix) by default and after that editing convert
your edited file with
tr "\n" "\0" <editfile >httperf_inputfile

you get the 40* Errors, because httperf uses everything between
the 0-Bytes as uri - and your webserver could not match that.

you use unix clients for performance testing, right?