[httperf] httperf doesn´t generate desired request rate

Florian Berger florib@arcor.de
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:03:07 +0100

Hi to all,

thanks, Martin and Joerg, for the hints.

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Martin Arlitt wrote:
> [...]
> for example, in the 5 request/second test, generating 50
> requests should take 10 seconds.  however, because the
> responses are so slow, the test duration is increased to
> 18.656 seconds.  50/18.565= 2.7reqs/second.

Ok now I see.

I got confused by the manual, saying

"The line labeled ``Request rate'' gives the rate at which HTTP
requests were issued [...]"

In my mind this sounds as if the rate is measured in real time rather
than being computed afterwards by doing the division explained above.
This paragraph maybe should be changed to something like "[...]
requests were issued. Note that the whole test-duration is taken into
account to compute this value".


     Florian Berger, Leipzig, Germany