[httperf] httperf bugfix

Finn Smith fcs at modcult.org
Tue Dec 16 09:55:45 PST 2003


To get httperf to compile on my computer running MacOS X I had to make
one small change to the lib/ssl_writev.c file. The alloca system
function is provided in stdlib.h rather than in alloca.h. Here is the
diff for the file lib/ssl_writev.c :

< #include <alloca.h>
> /* #include <alloca.h> */
> /* stdlib.h provides the alloca functionality. */
> #include <stdlib.h>

The program seems to execute fine with that change.

Just thought you'd like to know. I don't know if you can incorporate
these changes into the configure script for httperf, but at the very
least it's worth putting a note of warning up for people.


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