[httperf] Httperf concurrent/rate implementation.

Rivalino Matias Jr. rivalino at eps.ufsc.br
Mon Feb 16 12:10:43 PST 2004

Hi People,

Firstly, I would like thanks Martin and Prasanna for the msgs.

I would like to understand the concurrency and rate models implemented in the httperf tool. In some experiments I need to define a specific --rate  to work in a constant concurrency level.

For example, I have an apache web server prepared to support until 200 concurrent conns (MaxClients 200).  I want to create a load based on 200 persistent concurrent connections, where each connection will make 1000 requests (e.g. GET). The rate of the 200,000 GET requests is 50 reqs/s.

Q1: Is it possible ?

Trying to do that I'm  handling the httperf's arguments and I found that setting the --rate=400 I get the follow msg "... <=200 concurrent connections". 

Q2: What the symbol (<=) exactly means ? 

Anyway, using the --rate value to reach a specific concurrent level isn't adequate in this case because I need to use another rate like a said based on 50 reqs/s.

Any information will be valuable.

Best Regards,


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