[httperf] Questions related to httperf tool...

Zarko Coklin zcoklin at hotmail.com
Mon May 10 13:20:27 PDT 2004

It just happened that I came accross "httperf" tool and have few questions:

1) Can httperf tool be used to test proxies as well? I hope "server" and 
"port" can be set as proxy's,while uri can be set to indicate web page on 
the actual web server. Will this work?
2) What is max. call rate (req/sec) that you observed one httperf can 
generate? I guess non-blocking I/O is done through "select", but it must 
have some sort of limitation too. I am using Solaris 8 with 2 CPUs at 1.28MHz 
each :-).

Zarko Coklin

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