[httperf] Project to enhance httperf. (Multiple clients and Session emulation)

pralhad deshpande pralhad_83 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Nov 13 10:55:49 PST 2004

Dear All, 
I belong to a group of 4 students in India, who are doing a project to enhance the features of httperf. We wish to do the following: 
1) Implement httperf over multiple clients. 
2) Sessoin emulation i.e. Incorporate user behaviour in the requests made to the server. This will involve multiple URL stressing and implementing think time and retries in the sessions. 
We would be really very happy to recieve any guidance on the above mentioned points. If any of the above objectives have already been achieved please let us know. We will be pleased to make further improvements if any are required. 
Also we would like to know if all the features of httperf are currently working perfectly or any improvements are desired, especially in the area of Session handling.

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