[httperf] some question about the httperf

Martin Arlitt arlitt at hpl.hp.com
Wed Jun 29 14:03:22 PDT 2005


>  I am using httperf as a benchmark performance test tool.
> I face with some problem:
> (1). I would like to browse a big ammount of different urls and I  know the --wlog can implement it ,but i don't know how to write the file containing the list of URIsThanks for your response.Who can give me a sample?

please see the message thread 'ASCII NUL Separated List" in October 2001
at https://www.hpl.hp.com/hosted/linux/mail-archives/httperf/
this should answer your question.

> (2) How do i generate the dynamic request by cgi?
if I understand your question correctly, you should just have to specify
the url (including the '?' and any parameters)

> (3)  Are the files accessed in server generated by httperf ? if not ,have the files accessed existed in server ?
httperf simply issues requests for URLs that you specify.  you will have
to create the files on the server.

> (4)Can the httperf check that the file reponsed is in accord with the file requested?
I'm not exactly sure I understand what motivates your question.  the HTTP
protocol currently requires requests to be serviced in the order they
were issued.  the responses do not contain the name of the file, so an
HTTP client would not be able to verify that the response is in fact the
requested file.

> (5) Who can tell me the difference between  --wlog and --wset?  the two options can be used at the same time?
with wlog you need to provide a file that contains a list of URLs to
request.  with wset, URLs will be generated in the manner described in the
man page (in either case httperf will issue the requests, but does not
create the files on the server). I don't think these options can be used
at the same time.


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