[httperf] Generating vaiable rate with Httperf

Jordi Guitart Fernandez jguitart at ac.upc.edu
Thu Mar 10 07:54:48 PST 2005


That's exactly the functionality I'm looking for



Martin Arlitt escribió:

>the --period option is a bit more flexible than the --rate option,
>although this may not provide variability you want.  I know of a
>patch that allows the rate to be varied over time;
>e.g., generate R1 reqs/second for X seconds, then R2 reqs/second for the
>next Y seconds, and so on.  is that the type of functionality you are looking
>On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, Jordi Guitart Fernandez wrote:
>>Is it possible to generate requests with variable rate with Httperf? It
>>seems that --rate option only allows to generate requests with fixed rate.
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