[httperf] Re: doubts regarding configuring httperf

Martin Arlitt arlitt at hpl.hp.com
Mon Oct 24 07:58:43 PDT 2005


> I am using the httperf tool for measuring the performance of my web server.
>  namely throughput and response time,( or mean response time)
>  i would like to measure these 2 parameters , for
>  1)open work loads ( where think time is 0..and we know the arrival rate of
> requests for that web page)

one way to do this (if you are requesting a single URL repeatedly) is to
just use the --rate option to control the arrival rate.

>   and
> 2) close workloads ( where the users have some think time and we know the
> number of users)

in this case I would use the --wsesslog option, which enables you to
specify the think time, and control the number of users (there are some
messages in the archive about this).


>  ive been through the httperf manual and im not exactly sure about which
> command i should issue ...i order to measure the response time and
> throughput for each type of workload
> can you please tell me which command that i should issue inorder to measure
> these ?
>  thanking you in advance
>  regards
> raj
> ps_ will the answer to this question be posted in the mailing list or will
> be directly emailed to me? ( im not directly registered in the mailing list
> and this is my first time in a web based form :( )

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