[httperf] help needed to set up httperf on Cygwin

banjanap at mix.wvu.edu banjanap at mix.wvu.edu
Thu Aug 3 10:37:56 PDT 2006

Hi all,
   I am trying to setup httperf on Cygwin. However I can configure 
httperf from Cygwin but when I issue a make command it gives me errors 
stating that there is some sort of declaration error in "basic.c" file 
of "stat" folder in httperf. Both httperf and Cygwin are installed in 
different directories of my system. 
  If anybody has been successfull in running httperf on Cygwin or 
anyone else who knows how it works can help me then it would be deeply 
appreciated. Thankiny you all in advance.

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