[httperf] httperf: connection failed with unexpected error 99

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Wed Aug 30 11:47:16 PDT 2006

Mark Nottingham wrote:
> So, what exactly does --hog do, then? Is it system-dependent?
>>        --hog  This option requests to use up as many TCP ports as
>>               necessary.   Without  this option, httperf is typi-
>>               cally limited to  using  ephemeral  ports  (in  the
>>               range  from 1024 to 5000).  This limited port range
>>               can quickly become a bottleneck so it is  generally
>>               a  good  idea  to  specify  this option for serious
>>               testing.  Also, this option must be specified  when
>>               measuring  NT  servers since it avoids a TCP incom-
>>               patibility between NT and UNIX machines.

Good question.  At the risk of putting words into Martin's mouth, and 
without actually looking at the source code (hint :) I would expect it 
would start to make explicit bind() calls attempting to bind (near to) 
the entire port range.  I'm guessing it would go from 1024 to 65535, but 
it might be a different range.  The source will tell all.

FWIW the description is a bit dated.  It has been a long time since 
systems had their ephemeral (aka anonymous) port range going from 1024 
to 5000.  Typical today is 49152 to 65535.

rick jones

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