[httperf] University Engineering Team Plan 0.8.1 and Beyond

Ted Bullock tbullock at canada.com
Fri Dec 8 15:40:24 PST 2006

Hello All,

You will all be glad to know that in my re-factored httperf branch, I
have successfully made httperf compile on 3 separate platforms out of
the box. 

The currently tested and functional platforms on this branch are:
Linux (opensuse 10.1/10.2)
OpenBSD (i386)
Solaris (sparc)

As I get additional machines configured with different operating systems
in the coming days/weeks I will be testing those as well. Specifically I
will test on FreeBSD and will try to get access to a Mac OS X machine to
test on as well.  I am also open to testing on other Free Software
platforms if anybody has any suggestions.

Also, I will update our wiki (https://httperf01.enel.ucalgary.ca) later
with all the relevant information about our 0.8.1 bugfix release
candidate (as well as a link to download for those people not interested
in manually patching) and information about the refactored branch as

As always, I appreciate any feedback.


On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 12:42 -0700, Ted Bullock wrote:
> As you may have noticed, our team has sent out a number of patches to
> httperf recently.
> They are all attached and include the following:
> patch-httperf-0.8-compiler_warnings-2.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-configure_fixed.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-content-length-fix-1.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-host_header.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-persistent-connections-1.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-ssl_writev-alloca-fix-robust.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-timer-reset-1.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-wsesslog_crash.patch
> These patches are all bug fixes of one type or another.  The
> descriptions of each are available in the patch files themselves. Note
> that at this time we have not included a fix to the maximum File
> Descriptor problem as we are not satisfied with the current
> implementation of the solution.
> Our intention is to have these changes above become a bug fix 0.8.1
> release pending some additional testing and also approval from HP (Martin).
> The following patches have been verified by our team and we feel no
> changes need to be made to these:
> patch-httperf-0.8-compiler_warnings-2.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-configure_fixed.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-host_header.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-ssl_writev-alloca-fix-robust.patch
> The following patches have not been directly verified by our team, but
> have been used in the community and we feel that they are acceptable as
> they stand since no complaints have arisen against them:
> patch-httperf-0.8-wsesslog_crash.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-persistent-connections-1.patch
> The following patches need to be reviewed and tested by our team and the
> community:
> patch-httperf-0.8-content-length-fix-1.patch
> patch-httperf-0.8-timer-reset-1.patch
> Hopefully we can ensure that everything is satisfactory and submit these
> for a bug fix release 0.8.1 (including updates to change log and other
> relevant documentation). However, note that there are no proposed
> changes to cross platform usability in this release. Platforms that are
> currently working should continue to work after these changes, but no
> new platforms will be introduced.
> Following this, we are working at re-factoring the old autotool build
> system scripts to improve cross platform compatibility.  This includes
> writing the currently absent Makefile.am automake files and re-writing
> the configure.ac file to handle other platforms by default.  Already we
> have a working patch (re-write) that allows out of the box compilation
> on the OpenBSD and Linux platforms (and likely Mac OS X and FreeBSD as
> well).
> We would really appreciate feedback so let us know what you think
> -Ted
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