[httperf] Incorrect "Host:" header?

Harsha V. Madhyastha harsha at cs.washington.edu
Mon Jul 31 05:19:44 PDT 2006


The httperf manpage specifies the following function for the "server- 
name" command-line option:

               Specifies  the (default) server name that appears in  
the "Host:"
               header of every request sent by httperf.  Without   
this  option,
               the  host  name  (or IP address) specified by option -- 
server is
               used instead.

The string passed as the "server-name" argument is copied into conn- 
 >fqdname in conn_init (conn.c:51 in httperf-0.8). But, in core_send  
(core.c:973), the "Host:" header is set to conn->hostname. Shouldn't  
conn->fqdname be used instead?


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