[httperf] HTTPERF with SSL

Adayadil Thomas adayadil.thomas at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 11:03:45 PDT 2006


I am trying to compile httperf with ssl support.

I have downloaded the httperf 0.8 version and am running the
./configure --with-ssl=yes

I still get

checking for SSL_version in -lssl... (cached) no
checking for openssl/ssl.h... (cached) no

I have

ls /usr/lib/libssl*
/usr/lib/libssl3.so  /usr/lib/libssl.a  /usr/lib/libssl.so.0.9.7

ls /usr/include/openssl/
aes.h       conf_api.h  ecdh.h      kssl.h         ossl_typ.h
ripemd.h     symhacks.h
asn1.h      conf.h      ecdsa.h     lhash.h        pem2.h       rsa.h
asn1_mac.h  crypto.h    ec.h        md2.h          pem.h
safestack.h  tmdiff.h
asn1t.h     des.h       engine.h    md4.h          pkcs12.h     sha.h
bio.h       des_old.h   e_os2.h     md5.h          pkcs7.h
ssl23.h      ui_compat.h
blowfish.h  dh.h        err.h       objects.h      pq_compat.h  ssl2.h
bn.h        dsa.h       evp.h       obj_mac.h      pqueue.h     ssl3.h
buffer.h    dso.h       hmac.h      ocsp.h         rand.h       ssl.h
cast.h      dtls1.h     idea.h      opensslconf.h  rc2.h
stack.h      x509_vfy.h
comp.h      ebcdic.h    krb5_asn.h  opensslv.h     rc4.h        store.h

Could anyone help me figure out why ./configure is not finding ssl

Thanks a lot

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