[httperf] havin problems in configuring

Martin Arlitt arlitt at hpl.hp.com
Thu Jun 15 12:26:46 PDT 2006

hi Bhagwan

these are the relevant commands to issue at the cygwin prompt:

        $ mkdir build
        $ cd build
        $ SRCDIR/configure
        $ make

you can also do
        $ make install

but it isn't strictly necessary (e.g., you could run httperf from the
build directory)

SRCDIR refers to the httperf source directory; in your case this may be
something like 'D:/httperf-0.8'; i.e., you will not enter

$ SRCDIR/configure

but something like

$ D:/httperf/configure

you will have to use the correct path for httperf in order to run

the default cygwin environment may not contain configure, make, or a
compiler; if the problem you are experiencing is due to a missing tool,
you will need to install it, by updating the cygwin environment (which you
should be able to do using the same interface you used for the initial
cygwin installation).

my colleague just compiled and tested httperf in his cygwin environment,
so I know now that httperf does work under cygwin.


On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Bhagwan Anjanappa wrote:

> hi Martin,
>       I downloaded cygwin and it is installed in the C drive and the
> httperf is installed in D drive. I am using windows 2000. I read the
> mannual page but still cannot configure it could you please help me.
> Any reply is appreciated.
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