[httperf] generate session files

Martin Arlitt arlitt at hpl.hp.com
Thu Mar 9 12:03:56 PST 2006

hi Bhagwan

it's still not entirely clear to me what you are trying to do.

to the best of my knowledge it is not possible to change the values of N1,
N2 and X once httperf has been invoked.

if you are trying to change the N2 and X values during the lifetime of a
specific session (i.e., you invoke httperf with -wsess, and N1=1, and part
way through the session you want to change N2 and X), I don't know that
will be possible.

if you are trying to change the N2 and X values for sessions that have not
yet started, you potentially could invoke multiple instances of httperf,
each with N1=1 and the N2 and X values set as you'd like them to be set.
obviously this would need to be scripted in order to get it right.
depending on the number of concurrent sessions you intend to generate, the
number of client machines (and processors), the request rates, etc, this
may or may not work.  you will also end up with multiple output files,
which you would then need to aggregate.  in this case, you may want to
look at a patch submitted by David Viner in March 2002:



On Tue, 7 Mar 2006, Bhagwan Anjanappa wrote:

> Hi Martin,
>  Thank you for the reply, my implementation is, using the httperf tool
> I intend to test an application that implements dynamic session
> generation. My question is the syntax for this in httperf is ---wsess
> N1,N2,X where all N1,N2 and X are FIXED NUMBERS, I DO NOT WANT a FIXED
> SCRIPTS to GENERATE SESSION files for httperf that allows us to vary
> the client think time and the arrival rate of new client sessions.
> Help needed from any source as this has become a major obstacle in my
> implementation.
> Thanking you,
> Bhagwan
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