[httperf] Bug Fix Patches to Date

Ted Bullock tbullock at canada.com
Sun Nov 26 10:12:53 PST 2006

Here is another minor patch to fix two compiler warnings in core.c
(warnings present under gcc 4.1)

Apply with

tar xzf httperf-0.8.tar.gz
cd httperf-0.8
patch -p1 < ../patch-httperf-0.8-compiler_warnings.patch

-Ted Bullock

Ted Bullock wrote:
> Hey there,
> Resending this email since I forgot to copy the mailing list last time....
> Attached to this email is a cumulative candidate for a 0.9 bugfix patch
> to httperf. The collection of patches we have so far was collected from
> the mailing list over the past 6 years. We are certainly interested
> in any additional bug fix patches (Not feature enhancements at this
> time).  One patch that we don't have yet is one that makes this software
> compile on Solaris as it seems this has given people a certain amount of
> trouble in the past, if anybody has any experience with this we would
> certainly be interested in a functioning patch.
> Also, has (can) anybody tried this on modern versions of
> FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD and Mac OS X?
> Here is a a description of the patches we have collected so far.  Most
> of them are very minor changes, but potentially useful ones.
> 1)
> Adjusts the autoconf configuration script to allow placement of the
> binary executable in a customizable place via the --prefix parameter.
> 2)
> Fixes a problem with the wsesslog crashing httperf due to an unhandled
> session failure
> 3)
> One small change to the lib/ssl_writev.c file, alloca system function is
> provided in stdlib.h rather than in alloca.h (For Mac OS X and
> potentially others)
> 4)
> Fixes a bug where a request which goes to server, but with a
> hostheader "x.y.com" would give SH0:Host: instead of the
> expected SH0:Host: x.y.com
> This can be applied with:
> tar -xzvf httperf-0.8.tar.gz
> cd httperf-0.8
> patch -p1 < ../httperf-0.9-candidate.patch
> There is a fifth patch attached separately as
> Glibc_FD_SETSIZE_fix.patch, however I have reviewed the patch and I am
> unhappy with its implementation, if there are any comments on this
> (especially in cross platform situations) we are interested in reviewing
> them.
> Again, we are working on httperf as part of our fourth year project in
> engineering at the University of Calgary.  We set up a wiki as a project
> management tool.  It can be accessed at
> https://httperf01.enel.ucalgary.ca (new location).
> We are interested in feedback from users and developers of the httperf
> project.

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