[httperf] Bad file descriptor in select

Martin Arlitt arlitt at granite.hpl.hp.com
Thu Feb 15 06:18:57 PST 2007

hi Jordi

I haven't experienced this error before, so this is just a guess.

it's probably the following error (errno.h):
#define EBADFD          77      /* File descriptor in bad state */

I believe this could happen if httperf tries to read from a file
descriptor that has been closed, for example.  if you can provide more
details on what you were doing when this error occurred, perhaps it will
shed some more light on the cause.



On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, Jordi Guitart Fernandez wrote:

> Hello,
> What can cause httperf to return the following error?
> "httperf.core_loop: select failed: Bad file descriptor"
> Thx
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