[httperf] Maximum connect burst length

Martin Arlitt arlitt at granite.hpl.hp.com
Mon Jan 29 11:54:19 PST 2007

hi Chris

> Can anyone explain to me what the "Maximum connect burst length" report in
> the httperf output is? It's not clear from a cursory inspection of the
> code, and does not seem to be influenced by the --burst-length and
> --num-calls parameters. Is it something that can be or should be limited
> under some circumstances?

as you observed "Maximum connect burst length" is not related to
--burst-length and --num-calls parameters.  "Maximum connect burst length"
is related to the establishment of TCP connections, while the parameters
you mentioned are at the call (i.e., HTTP request) level. I believe
(although I haven't verified) that one would observe large
"Maximum connect burst length" values if httperf was having trouble
establishing connections to the server.  Thus, it appears to be a piece of
information to help interpret the results of some types of tests.

> Also, I think there is a small mistake in the httperf manual page. The
> description of the --burst-length option goes:
>    --burst-length=N
>      Specifies the length of bursts.  Each burst consists of N calls
>      to the server.  The exact meaning of this parameter depends  on
>      the  workload  generator.   For  regular request-oriented work-
>      loads, see the description of option
> and ends right there in mid-sentence.

thanks for pointing this out.


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