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李广辉 japonensis at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 05:01:45 PST 2007

Recently,I read the  article  "Scalability of Linux Event-Dispatch
Mechanisms" (HPL-2000-174) whoten by Abhishek Chandra and David Mosberger.

In page 8, section 3.1.1, the last paragragh, it says "  The client load was
generated by running httperf .  To simulate large number of concurrent and
idle connections, each httperf was used to establish a set of persistent
connections, each of which generated periodic requests to the userver. The
effect was that at all times, some of the connections were active while the
rest were idle, and these active and idle connection sets kept changing with
Howerver  ,I read the httperf manual  several times, still could not  find
how to use httperf to create idle connection and let them keep changing
active and idle with time.
Could any one tell me how to run httperf , what the command line is .
thank you .
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