[httperf] httperf usage

Martin Arlitt arlitt at granite.hpl.hp.com
Tue Mar 6 06:32:17 PST 2007

I expect the idle connections were created with the idleconn tool, which
comes with the httperf source code.

$ ./idleconn
Usage: idleconn server port numidle

$ ./idleconn 80 100

would open and maintain 100 idle connections to a Web server listening on
port 80 of the server at


On Tue, 6 Mar 2007, [GB2312] Àî¹ã»Ô wrote:

> Recently,I read the  article  "Scalability of Linux Event-Dispatch
> Mechanisms" (HPL-2000-174) whoten by Abhishek Chandra and David Mosberger.
> In page 8, section 3.1.1, the last paragragh, it says "  The client load was
> generated by running httperf .  To simulate large number of concurrent and
> idle connections, each httperf was used to establish a set of persistent
> connections, each of which generated periodic requests to the userver. The
> effect was that at all times, some of the connections were active while the
> rest were idle, and these active and idle connection sets kept changing with
> time."
> Howerver  ,I read the httperf manual  several times, still could not  find
> how to use httperf to create idle connection and let them keep changing
> active and idle with time.
> Could any one tell me how to run httperf , what the command line is .
> thank you .

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