[httperf] requests doesn't pass through proxy server

rahul gundecha rahoolgundecha at yahoo.co.in
Mon Oct 1 05:48:31 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I am trying to test my proxy server performance. For that I am generating httperf requests to a web server. httperf client, proxy server & web server all are running in same LAN. 
I have set environment variable http_proxy to my proxy address. But still httperf requests doesn't go through it. Whereas requests from browser goes through proxy.

 httperf --timeout=12 --client=0/1 --server= --port=80 --uri=/ --rate=2 --send-buffer=4096 --recv-buffer=16384 --num-conns=40 --num-calls=1

Is anything missing here. Please suggest the solution.


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