[httperf] build httperf on solaris 9

Ted Bullock tbullock at canada.com
Mon Sep 17 12:17:51 PDT 2007

resu at freesurf.ch wrote:
> Bingo! Had no path to ld and as, I added "/usr/ccs/bin" to the path, started
> ../configure again and make worked fine :-)  Thank you very much for the tip!
> - Resu
Glad I could help.  This same principle should be used on HP-UX as well.
When I was working on the portability stuff for 0.9.0, I tried to make
httperf build natively with the system compiler on whatever platform was
 being used.

> PS: What's about travelling across Europe by Bike ;-)  
Are you volunteering too?

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