[httperf] form-based authentication with httperf

Elliot Temple curi at curi.us
Wed Apr 9 18:23:37 PDT 2008

On Apr 9, 2008, at 6:01 PM, Jim Greer wrote:
> Does anyone have info on how to get the http clients to login via a  
> web form
> and maintain that session? We would need the different connections  
> to be
> different users.
> This is for load testing a new server cluster for Kongregate.com -  
> as well
> as doing regular benchmarking in the future.

Here's a quick example:

httperf --hog --session-cookie --server=www.server.com --port=80 -- 
wsesslog=100,0,sessionfilename --rate=5

and in the session file:

/sessions method=POST contents='login=elliot&password=temple'

so the main trick is the --wsesslog option which is detailed on the  
man pages, and being able to send a post

> method=POST contents='login=elliot&password=temple'

which i copied from somewhere or other

-- Elliot Temple

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