[httperf] time wait limits

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Mon Aug 11 10:51:12 PDT 2008

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008, david at lang.hm wrote:

> >david at lang.hm wrote:
> >>using the apache benchmark tool (ab) I could get 21,000 connections/sec 
> >>with apache prefork, and 23,000 connections/sec with apache worker
> >
> >That smells of use of abortive close (RST) do you have some packet traces 
> >of the apache bench stuff?
> I still have the setup in the lab, I can test it.
> one of the things I am testing with this setup is the performance of a 
> proxy firewall in between. with ab the proxy also closes it's client 
> connections rapidly, but with httperf the proxy also builds up a large 
> pile of time_wait connections.

Hm, you may also be interested in my libevent'ified apachebench. :)


Its an apachebench from a late apache-1.3 release hacked up to use libevent
and some initial ipv6 code. I had zero luck getting apachebench from apache-2
working in any stable(ish), predictable fashion and it has a habit of using
select() making concurrency testing sort of impossible.

You can then wind -c right up to a few thousand and test to see exactly how
your stack is handling things like handling port ranges. :)


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