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Arlitt, Martin martin.arlitt at hp.com
Wed Aug 27 14:22:03 PDT 2008

Hi Manish

One possibility is that the connections were reset after one of the requests was issued, and thus the request was retransmitted.  I recommend either printing out the requests and replies in httperf, or collecting a packet trace (e.g., with tcpdump), or both.  These should provide more insights on what the problem actually is.


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I am trying to understand how to create say for example: 1 session and issue 3 requests

sess.txt defines a single session with 3 uris

% cat sess.txt
/std_xmls_a00?query=one think=0
/std_xmls_a00?query=two think=0
/std_xmls_a00?query=three think=0

% httperf  --verbose --server=somehost.com --port=8075 --hog --wsesslog=1,0,sess.txt
httperf --verbose --hog --client=0/1 --server=somehost.com --port=8075 --uri=/ --send-buffer=4096 --recv-buffer=16384 --wsesslog=1,0.000,sess.txt
httperf: maximum number of open descriptors = 1024
Maximum connect burst length: 1

Total: connections 3 requests 5 replies 3 test-duration 0.736 s

Connection rate: 4.1 conn/s (245.5 ms/conn, <=2 concurrent connections)
Connection time [ms]: min 239.1 avg 245.5 max 257.3 median 239.5 stddev 10.2
Connection time [ms]: connect 77.8
Connection length [replies/conn]: 1.000

Request rate: 6.8 req/s (147.3 ms/req)
Request size [B]: 210.0

Reply rate [replies/s]: min 0.0 avg 0.0 max 0.0 stddev 0.0 (0 samples)
Reply time [ms]: response 88.8 transfer 78.1
Reply size [B]: header 410.0 content 6643.0 footer 2.0 (total 7055.0)
Reply status: 1xx=0 2xx=3 3xx=0 4xx=0 5xx=0

CPU time [s]: user 0.18 system 0.56 (user 24.4% system 75.5% total 99.9%)
Net I/O: 29.5 KB/s (0.2*10^6 bps)

Errors: total 2 client-timo 0 socket-timo 0 connrefused 0 connreset 2
Errors: fd-unavail 0 addrunavail 0 ftab-full 0 other 0

Session rate [sess/s]: min 0.00 avg 1.36 max 0.00 stddev 0.00 (1/1)
Session: avg 3.00 connections/session
Session lifetime [s]: 0.7
Session failtime [s]: 0.0
Session length histogram: 0 0 0 1


I cannot figure out why 5 requests are being made?
why are  2 connections reset, since bursting is not expected to happen because I dont have
a space or tab before uri in sess.txt

 my somehost.com responds with  "Connection: close" so I cant use persistent connections

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