[httperf] HTTP resp code 5XX not reportd as errors?

Dhanashri Bhate dhanashri_bhate at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 08:50:14 PST 2008

Hi ,

 I am using the "httperf" tool for load-testing my site, which is really a great tool. 
 I am also trying multiple tools to decide which one will suit our
 purpose the best. 

 I found that the treatment given to 5XX HTTP response
 codes is different in httperf and others. with "httperf" 5XX are not
 reported as errors. 
 so if out of 100 responses 98 are 2xx and 2 are 5xx it shows 0 errors.

 When i tried using the "failure_status" commandline option i got "httperf:
 unrecognized option `--failure_status'" error.

 Is there any way to make httperf treat certain HTTP codes as errors?

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