[httperf] httperf + libevent

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Wed Jul 2 18:27:44 PDT 2008

On Wed, Jul 02, 2008, Theodore Bullock wrote:

> Glad to see some extra hands on this topic.
> I also have a partial patch that I have been working on for this very
> topic.

I saw.

> The problem is that it's rather an all or nothing approach, before the
> whole port will work.  Not exactly a big deal, but I haven't had a
> consistent opportunity to work on the problem since I have been out of
> school.

You're trying to use the whole libevent http framework though, aren't you?
Its not a complete http client/server implementation which can be reused

I figured it was an easy win to convert httperf over to just use the libevent
comm framework. It should perform a lot better now but I just can't seem
to tweak the parameters right to do a heavily parallel test (I can't seem
to convince it to use more than about 3 concurrent connections.)
The difference at my current load (~ 500req/sec) is pretty striking - 
system time is 5% CPU versus 95% CPU. Very nice. :)

Other bits can then be used later - like the timeout/timed events -
to replace the duplicated work inside httperf. The HTTP code would be nice
in the distant future; it would be nice if a number of projects could
reuse the libevent http code.

I reiterate - testing please! :)


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