[httperf] httperf + libevent

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Sun Jul 13 22:57:39 PDT 2008

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008, Theodore Bullock wrote:

> Sure enough the performance gains are phenomenal.
> Check out the following CPU times for 100 connections with 10 calls per
> connection.

Could you share a recipe for generating slightly higher loads?
Like, a few thousand concurrent connections, 10 calls per connection?
I just couldn't make httperf generate any sort of sensibly high load.

>       * I want to see return results checked from functions that provide
>         them if at all reasonable/possible.  This includes things like
>         event_add and the like.  Now is the time to do this rather than
>         later.

Ok. Sensible.

>       * Unused variables like the ones in the revised core_loop should
>         be removed.


>       * The sys/types.h header should be brought in through the
>         generic_types.h header

Ok, I missed that. Its required for event.h on some platforms though,
probably why I missed it.

>       * Where possible, lets migrate to the libevent timers so that we
>         can eventually remove our own timer code.  Same goes for DNS
>         resolution.
>       * Eventually, remove the current core_loop function in lieu of a
>         persistent libevent loop.

That would also be my goal but I think the current patchset is a good
first step. I'd definitely like to get some more experience with the
libevent DNS and timer code so I'd like to look at doing that once this
curent work is committed and stable.

Thanks for reviewing it!


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