[httperf] httperf benchmarking and reporting

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Hi Sergey

One useful graph is shown in the httperf overview paper available from


another would be plotting things like the connection, request, reply and error rates over the course of a single run.  This would help a user see if the performance was stable over the duration of a run, or if the system experienced problems (e.g., the server became overloaded and its reply rate declined over time).



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I'm Sergey Vidyuk. Now i work on a wrapper around httperf on ruby.
Already created gem https://httperf4r.rubyforge.org

Also I've see that in TODO list you have goals about some pretty
reports and graphs. My project also have some reporting in jpeg and

Have you any suggestions about reporting of results? We can make it
together to not duplicate work =)

Regards, Sergey
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