[httperf] httperf benchmarking and reporting

Theodore Bullock tbullock at canada.com
Fri Jul 18 13:51:50 PDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-07-18 at 11:32 -0700, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> Would it be worth having a mode where httperf reports its results in
> a  
> more normal and machine-friendly way, so that tools can depend on  
> output, and we have more freedom to change the output intended for  
> people?

At WWW2007 last year I had a discussion with a couple people about this
very topic.  Here is a bit of what I came up with.


A flat text file with the data entered in a row.

Would need a new option to specify the file name.  If the file doesn't
exist we create it, with a "header" row.  If it does exist, we just
append our data to the end of it.

Thus each consecutive run of httperf grows the data set.

I think this is the most appropriate solution for global "end of
experiment results".

It would also be nice to collect a histogram of the measures from each
connection/session.  Thoughts on this?


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