[httperf] httperf benchmarking and reporting

Theodore Bullock tbullock at canada.com
Fri Jul 18 23:42:58 PDT 2008

On Sat, 2008-07-19 at 00:00 +0400, Sergey Vidyuk wrote:
> Mark, your suggestion is great! Now I'm using same way to obtain data
> as autobench, i.e. parsing standard httperf output.
> What can I do to get this mode done?

I am adding a csv printing option at the moment. Do we want all the
data that is currently printed onto the screen dumped into the data
file?  Some of it would be very straightforward for spreadsheet apps to
replicate (totals and such).

I broke down the metrics that httperf is currently printing. See the
list below.

Anyways, I am going to re-factor the data output sections somewhat so
that it will be easier to extend the data printout functionality in the

Maximum connect burst length (bytes)
Total Connections
Total Requests
Total Replies
Test Duration (s)
Connection rate (conn/s)
Connection Duration (ms/conn)
Number of concurrent connections
Min Connection time (ms)
AVG Connection time (ms) 
Max Connection time (ms)
Median Connection time (ms)
Connection time stddev (ms)
Connection time (ms)
Connection length (replies/conn)
Request rate (req/s) 
Request duration (ms/req)
Request size (B)
Min Reply rate (replies/s)
AVG Reply rate (replies/s)
Max Reply rate (replies/s)
Reply rate stddev (replies/s)
Number of Reply Rate Samples
Response Reply time (ms)
Transfer Reply time (ms)
Header Reply size (bytes)
Content Reply size (bytes)
Footer Reply size (bytes)
Total Reply size (bytes)
Reply status 1xx count
Reply status 2xx count
Reply status 3xx count
Reply status 4xx count
Reply status 5xx count
User CPU time (s)
System CPU time (s)
User CPU %
System CPU %
Total CPU %
Net I/O (KB/s)
Net I/O (b/s)
Total Errors
client-timo Errors
socket-timo Errors
connrefused Errors
connreset Errors
fd-unavail Errors
addrunavail Errors
ftab-full Errors
other Errors

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